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Kyle Hackett is a singer-songwriter from the Greater Cincinnati Area.  He is a 2014 graduate of Sycamore High School and pursuing his passion in moving forward to fulfill his musical career.  Kyle recently won first place in the 2015 Battle of the Bands, hosted by the Underground after competing against 80 local bands.  He has performed with many local musicians including Kevin Fox, Chris Ellison and Mike Walle.

“The best songs that people create are something they can put their whole thoughts and feelings into.  Any major thing that has happened in my life or any kind of event, I write the feelings that have evolved from that event.  I don’t push my thoughts and ideas about a song that I’m sharing onto people.  I want them to grab the song, evolve with it and have their own thoughts and ideas while they are listening to it.  I don’t want to play music just to play music;  I want to make a difference.    I want my music to mean something to people and I want to start something new.  I want to have a following that takes these ideas and makes a difference in people’s lives. “       – Kyle Hackett


His energy and musical creativity has the power to captivate and transform the emotions of his audience no matter the size of the room he performs in.  He has a way of wrapping your soul with his guitar and voice like a warm lyrical blanket that makes you just feel comfortable and relaxed in any environment.  His style would be best described as an “Organic Acoustic Smoothie”, blending genres such as indie/pop/blues/alternative/rock into one delicious cup of musical nutrition that feeds the soul.   – Lacey P.

“Kyle Hackett’s sound has more of the “chill” factor.  Onstage with his guitar, Kyle’s strong voice and smooth music instantly calms anyone listening.  He’s like Ohio’s very own Ed Sheerhan!”


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